This was a two week course at the Heartwood School of the Homebuilding Crafts located in Washington, Massachusetts. This years group of students have done such an amazing job and have progressed so well.

We've covered topics such as irregular hips and valleys, birdsmouths, jack rafters, purlins with birdsmouths, sloping ridges, top plates, and diversed rafters. We used both the 'rambarrement' and 'sauterelle' methods for layout. You can see the students working on their stereotomical drawings as well as their models they've built in the pictures.

The full size project was realized by the students themselves at a reduced scale and used the 'sauterelle' method to develop the angles and lengths needed to lay out on their timbers. The whole class worked together as a team to develop, lay out, cut, and assemble this wonderful project. They stepped off with a compass to find the true lengths of each member then applied the angles found from their drawings. No Sketchup, AutoCAD or any other 3D rendering software was needed. Only a triangle, straight edge, a pencil, and the most empowering of all....... the knowledge.

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Enjoy the pictures!