Island school of building arts

class of 2015

This was a four week course held at the Island School of Building Arts, located on Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada.  We had a full class where the students learned a lot on Art du Trait.  The first two weeks we covered the topic of hips and all their complexities, which include the four main ways to create a hip. The students built models which include irregular roofs, birdsmouths on purlins and jackrafters, the diverse, slatted, furring, and waled hips, all while using the 'rambarrement' and 'sauterelle' methods. Once the students completed their task models we went onto a full size project creating a very complex gazebo. Each hip of the gazebo is different, the waled (most common), the furring, the slatted, and the diverse. We also included the birdsmouths under the jackrafters and purlins where needed.

In the third and fourth weeks we built a couple task models and dormers on the gazebo. On the dormers we placed the valleys parallel to the hips and  the dormers had sloping ridges.

The students loved the course and most of them wished it was longer!  Read the students testimonials here.

If you're interested in learning about Art du Trait consider taking an online course or a workshop