21st December 2014 - Would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Years. For this occasion, a page on 'Guitardes' has been created. Enjoy the holidays  and read up about these fantastically beautiful Compagnonnique type dormers.

27th November 2014 - We are please to announce that a 'Trait' course at the Heartwood School in Massachusetts has been confirmed. The course is scheduled for October 12th-16th and the 19th-23rd  2015. Click here to view the details and to sign up. You can also view the course details by clicking on the 'courses' section title above.

20th November 2014 - The course on 'Art du Trait' at ISBA on Gabriola Island is on. We are starting class next Monday, the 24th of November. This 4 week course has been in the works since December 2013 and we are now very excited to announce that it is a go ahead. We have the professor flying out of Montreal tomorrow morning. See you there!

21st October 2014 - Finally! The online course database is up and running. Although there are no courses developed, as of yet. We are taking pre-orders. You can pay by paypal or credit card. Course material should be available in the next month or so. Order now! Feel free to contact if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

25th September 2014 - Been slowly getting some pictures back of some jobs that I had the pleasure of working on. The most recent is of a very old, 1000 years, chapel in the Jura department of France. Saint-Etienne Chapel of Coldre.

24th August 2014
- Recently finished the course at Gibson Timber Frames where the students got great one-on-one and accomplished quite a bit. Also, the Timber Framers Guild conference went super well with the pre-conference workshop and the 1.5 hour speech on 'Art du Trait'.

4th July 2014- Happy independence day to all the Americans out there. For the memory of this exceptional day, a page on twisted steeples or as the french call it 'flèche torse' has been made. It covers some of the history and legend, shows lots of pictures, and has a case study of one that was built in 1988.

1st July 2014 - Happy Canada to all!!  For this special event a little game will be played. A series of pictures of castles, forts, and monuments will be shown and the contestant must answer all the questions on the pictures. For those wishing to play, click here. The winner will win a free book. Good luck!

23rd - 24th May 2014 - Attending the NAV Canada training and conference this weekend in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada with Heritage Ontario. Come and meet us there!

22nd May 2014 - Had an interview during the Algonquin College Perth campus Professional Development course on 'Art du Trait'.  Check it out.

12th May 2014 - The one week 'Art du trait' course at Algonquin College in Perth went very well. For the whole week the students had their heads down and worked very hard on their drawings and models. The time went by too quickly. Check out what we did here or read some testimonials.

A dream to reality!

5th - 9th May 2014 - The faculty at the Algonquin College Perth campus will be undergoing a one week beginner 'Art du Trait' - Art of Geometry course.  Would you like to see what they will be doing?  click here.

7th - 10th August 2014 - Has been invited to do a one-day Pre-Conference 'Trait' workshop as well as doing a 90 minute presentation on 'Le Trait' at the Timber Framers Guild Conference in New Hampshire. View details.

27th April 2014 - Ever had the feeling of when a dream becomes reality? Here's one, the faculty at the Algonquin College Ottawa campus have just finished the 10 week 'Art du Trait' course. They have progressed very well and the final model they built looks great. Check out what they have done here.

26th April 2014 - Pat will be attending the Maple Fest in Perth, Ontario. There will be a booth set-up to show anybody who is interested the magnificent art of 'L'art du Trait'. Look for the 'Art du Trait' booth right next to Algonquin College Perth campus. Books, models, tools, and a slideshow will get you interested. Come on by and see for yourself! Contact Patrick for more info.

12th April 2014 - Just passed on the radio in Canada's capital, Ottawa. Unique FM 94,5 Culture Génial - Le 12 Avril 2014 (diff) Invité : Patrick Moore, Maître-charpentier, professeur et consultant Animateur-réalisateur : Jean-Paul Moreau

écouter ici.........(en français)

24th March 2014 - It's always nice to finally see the job once it's done. Here are some pictures and videos of a national horse stud farm in Strasbourg, France. A Haras is a french word for a horse stud farm. This one in Strasbourg was world renown to breed, train, and house horses. It bred and trained horses for aristocrats and royalty. It even trained horses for  King Louis the 15th.  Click here to see details.

2nd March 2014 - We are now half way through the 'Trait' course for the Algonquin College Ottawa campus faculty. They are progressing very well. The students are having lots of fun and are gaining invaluable knowledge. They have all advanced into some great stuff. All are welcome to come by, visit, and to see what it's all about. Contact Patrick here to book an appointment.

14th February 2014
- A recent find from the The Canadian Encyclopedia about apprenticeship in early Canada. A brief history of our apprenticeship and its connection with the Compagnonnage. A must read

5th February 2014 - Giving two presentations on 'Le Trait' and  the 'Compagnonnage' system at the Algonquin College Perth campus starting at 9am. All are welcome

1st February 2014 - Teaching a 8 week Professional Development course on 'Le Trait' to the faculty at Algonquin College Ottawa campus

11th January 2014 - Finished working on the course outline for the 1 month 'Trait' course being offered at ISBA for November 2014 - check out the details here