Private Lessons

One-on-One personal courses

     Located in the heart of Canada's capital, private lessons are offered to those who live close or for those who are willing to travel to Ottawa, Ontario. Lessons are typically 2 hours a week and generally last 8-12 weeks. We follow very closely the online Art du Trait course curriculum in which the student will sign up to complete a Stage.  If you are interested please email with a short letter of motivation indicating your goals and intent. As a private student you will have access to the highest quality lessons and a large personal library with the finest  and most rare carpentry and architectural carpentry books in English, French, German, and Latin. These courses are a must for those who are competing at the National and International Skills Competition. The competitor must learn Stereotomy - Art du Trait in order to compete at the World Skills Event. 

Examples of some course material that the student will do and understand.