Student testimonials

Nicholas St. George - Summer 2016 Steretomy - Art du Trait course at the Heritage Institute - Pat Moore’s Art Du Trait course truly is an opportunity that no one should ever pass up. His extensive woodworking knowledge is only comparable to his excellent teaching capabilities. Pat teaches his course extremely well and helps guide you through any confusion you may have, however, he makes sure that he does not simply give you the solution; he makes sure that it is you who finds it. This aided me in broadening my understanding of the subject matter without falling behind. Now that I have completed the course, I can honestly say that I have no regrets. This course was worth every penny put into it. I also find it prudent to point out just how admirably passionate Pat Moore is about his course. Pat would often stay to work overtime in order to ensure that everyone and everything was on-track. I can truly say that he is one of the most passionate woodworkers I’ve ever seen. I’m extremely satisfied with the course and would highly recommend it.    

Second week pavilion built during the summer 2016 Stereotomy - Art du Trait course at the Heritage Institute located at the Algonquin College Perth Campus

Adam Miller Timber Framer - Patrick is an excellent teacher, with steadfast focus on helping his students develop their strengths in three dimensional visualization and the three dimensional logic that is l'art du trait. Patrick is patient and perceptive to the individual student, knowing when to use a second or third explanation to get his point across and when to challenge the student to put some pieces together and really make the knowledge their own. And he's there to celebrate every breakthrough, like when your brain starts to see the volumes and forms of the drawing exercises right there on the flat piece of paper.

As a professional timber framer, I want my knowledge and skill set to open new doors and possibilities, not to hold me back. With continuing practice in l'art du trait, I know that I will be able to develop any client's idea into a completed frame. Moreover, I will be able to take on these new and complex problems in timber design and execution with confidence and excitement. Compare that with bidding a job with an attitude somewhere between trepidation and trial-and-error uncertainty.

L'art du trait is an art, elegant technology, and way of thinking that has a long and storied past. I see every reason to believe that, largely through Patrick's efforts, le trait will find a home in contemporary timber framing here in North America.  

Scaled down Guitarde built by Adam after taking a two week Stereotomy - Art du Trait course

Scaled down Capucine built by Adam. Model is from Plate 88 in L'Art du Trait de Charpente by Billon Freres

Stuart Badham (online student) - Builder and Professor of Carpentry in the U.K. - I feel priveledged to have been able to learn 'Trait' and will be completing all the 'Trait' onlince courses available. Initially I experienced minimal confusion as the drawings on the printable coursework did not seem the same as those in the videos, but as I progressed with the course my confusion dissipated and I now feel I have a real grasp at the subject. All in all a brilliant, well thought out teaching tool which I am very proud to be finally able to master.

Online course projects completed by Stuart

Denton - Timber Framer at Construct and Conserve Inc.- Upon finishing the course I felt very inspired to further myself as a timber frame carpenter. Patrick is a very knowledgeable and patient guy. Willing to work with you and pass along some of that knowledge. Thanks again!

Picture of 12`x12`gazebo built with Construct and Conserve

Daniel Boisvert - Owner and operator of Made by Boisvert - This course went above and beyond my expectations. I have learned a great amount over the course of a month. I wish the course was longer, maybe two months instead of one. All in all I had a great time in the course and would recommend it to anyone interested in furthering their knowledge of timber framing in an advanced way. Thanks so much Patrick, you were a great teacher and taught us an amazing amount.

Edwin Miville de Chene - Student - Really interesting course, although it's fast paced, this course has taught me a lot. The teacher is on point and is ready to push things further if you can keep up. This is a great course that I would recommend to anyone who wants to broaden his skills and understanding of carpentry.

Sean Breathnach - Owner and operator of Beyong The Bale - Overall my hope was to develop my abilities to design and construct hipped timber framed roofs. Before hand, this was an intimidating prospect due to the over complicated mathematics involved and the expense of errors. I beleive I have learned hugely and want to continue using this approach to develop my skills to be able to present these building options to clients. I think this puts me ahead of the field in my area and will allow me to take on work that others will shy away from or over-price. My main interest in hipped roofs comes from my work on natural buildings. Most of the buildings have clay plastered exteriors which require an extensive overhangs. Timber frame with straw-bale wrap is also common. I have recognized that hipped roofs offer a significant advantages over gable roofs in the amount of protection that they offer to the wall systems, and the Art du Trait course has helped to make these roof options more affordable and realizable, thus improving the overall building designs I can offer clients. As a movement, I believe the natural building community needs to adopt hipped roofs as a sensible standard for the durability of the homes and buildings that are being created.

An Asian inspired tea house built be Sean after a one month Art du Trait course

Ariel - Student - Thank you, so sincerely, from the bottom of my heart & brain, for bringing this amazing technique into my life. I am so inspired and excited about it. I've already set myself up with a drawing space and have started to re-draw our class projects. I want to cement in what I've learned because at the moment I am seeing very clearly the projections / foldings in 3D (especially that purlin!) and I don't want to let it slip....    Thanks again, and looking forward to carrying on as your student. This means a lot to me - I have been searching for a direction upward and beyond the status quo of straightforward commercial work opportunities that have characterized the past few years of my life (necessary stepping stones, but I am ready for the next chapter). It is incredibly rare to find someone so highly skilled, who is also dedicated to teaching, & is amicable socially. So I feel very grateful to have come into your teachings.

Scaled down reproduction by Ariel of the gazebo built during a two week Art du Trait course

Dallas Buleziuc - Student - A very good glimpse at what is possible in the world of Carpentry, Patrick is probably even better than he realizes at what he does.  His patience to take the time to understand and develop the course for each student ensures that everyone gets the most out of the course, thanks!

The famous French Trestle built by Dallas after a one month Art du Trait course

Kevin Ponton - Owner and Operator of Zenas Brooke Restoration - My participation in Patrick's two-week l'Art du Trait course at Algonquin Perth in June made as lasting an impression on my career as the four-week Harvard University Executive Program I took decades ago in Cambridge. Patrick joins Dr. Jean Ladrière (RIP), Professor of Philosophie de la Science at Louvain in Belgium, on my list of the two most influential teachers in my life - and Jean has been alone on that list for almost 40 years. They both expanded my mind, spirit, and way of thinking. Patrick should be named a National Living Cultural Treasure as practitioner and teacher of l'Art du Trait; my only regret is that I didn't take his course earlier in life.

Tim Sheridan - Carpenter and Timber Framer - Having taken Patrick's Art du Trait course, I'd advise any framer but particularly those doing exposed roof framework to do the same. Though it took some time and effort, learning just the basics of this drawing system has allowed me to find all the key angles and lengths critical for those tricky situations where varying roof planes converge.

     After a few classes and Patrick's help, I began to understand the geometry behind complex problems that I had run into on the job-site. Situations where I and many others have wasted a lot of time going through the scribing or trial and error route unnecessarily.

   Learning the drawing methods then cutting and building the models gave me the ability to visualize and build better in the field. This coupled with some pretty cool tips and tricks make the course invaluable and I highly recommend it!

An outdoor shelter built by Tim - Irregular hipped roof with a ridge and king posts

Katie Hollingshead -Student - This was a very eye opening course! I had no idea that this type of drawing and building existed. I have learned to be much more precise when drawing and cutting. Very positive experience!  Thanks Pat!

Leena Ceylan  - Student - I really enjoyed the challenge; trying to be more precise in measurement and drawing. It took me a long time for me to start understanding "3D thinking". I feel I was privileged to be able to take part in this course. It was something really unique.

Lita Ratha - Student - Love the projects, happy to be involved. Overall I'm happy with it.

Amanda Angelone - Student - Pat, if you didn't have the patience of a monk in solitary confinement, I reckon I'd have given up on this class three weeks ago. It was super interesting learning about journeyman traditions, the Tour-de-France, and Art du Trait - all concepts previously foreign to me. While I not have grasped the intricacies of trying to imagine 2D objects on paper as 3D, I do believe this class has gain me an awareness of a different way to look at things. 

Angus Affleck - Student - I really enjoyed the course. I do feel I would have gotten more if I slowed myself down and focused on understanding over production and speed. You're a great teacher with ungodly patience. It was a great course and very relevant to the heritage field. Thanks!

Anonymous Student - Student - The class was engaging and moved at a good rate. I appreciate that the lessons built on themselves and progressed in a very logical way. I appreciate that the history of Art du Trait and Compagnonnage was incorporated, and I would like to know more about its contemporary applications (we touched on it but I know there's more). Pat's passion for the subject is clean and makes for a well taught and exciting course. I really enjoyed it.

Robert Cornell - Owner and Operator of Cornell Construction, Spirit Lake, IA - Very thorough explanation. Great course - great instructor.

Jordan Finch -Professor of Timber Framing at the American College of the Building Arts - I really enjoyed learning from you; it was the right choice! I am very interested in seeing your treatment of the topic for further study.

Jack Hollinger - Professor of Heritage Carpentry Algonquin College - This past week I have had the pleasure of taking part in a workshop with Pat Moore. The focus for the week was coming to a general introductory understanding of le trait and putting it to work with practical framing exercises. Revolutionary! I teach in a Heritage Carpentry program and I had no understanding of le trait going into the workshop. That we profess to understand heritage buildings and monuments on this continent without an understanding of this material is misguided. I thank him for the introduction and look forward to working with him again in the future. His knowledge base is astounding and is an invaluable resource. Use it if opportunity allows. The level of understanding one can garner about the construction of historical monuments with a grasp of l'art du trait is clearly superior to any other method of recording, drawing and building.  This is how these old buildings were originally constructed.  The ability to start with a simple plan and develop elevations - not only of the building but of individual structural pieces - is an absolutely essential methodology for precise joinery work in the field of Heritage Carpentry.  That we attempt to practice Historical Preservation in Canada without these skills is an anomaly that we have an opportunity to correct with the introduction of this material to the Heritage Carpentry body of work at the Perth Campus.

Andrew Pamenter - Professor of Heritage Carpentry Algonquin College - Thank you for the opportunity to work with you.  Le trait helped me to understand and start to consider how to apply geometric construction in my own instruction.  The ability to organize, draw and to apply those elements to the wood assist greatly in solving the challenges of complex roof structures.  It has been something that I could understand conceptually but had never taken the time to focus on.  I can see using these methods to provide another way of approaching roof framing in particular with my students.

Andy CockburnProfessor of Heritage Carpentry Algonquin College - Your Art du Trait course was excellent - it helped me to see that there is always more to learn about our trade! Thanks!

Andrew Dowd - Student - Great course! You were a very patient and instructive teacher and I learnt lots from you. I am impressed with your vast knowledge of trait and traditional building methods. You would be an excellent addition to the teaching staff at Algonquin and an invaluable resource to future students.

Tim Roesler - Student at MASW 2017 - I didn’t know what to expect when I started Patrick Moore’s Stereotomy class.  I soon learned that the French Trestle we were to design was deceptively complex.  However, Patrick broke the layout into manageable steps, allowing each student to work through the exercise before proceeding to the next step.  He was very patient with the class.  In the end, everybody walked out of the class happy with an assembled French Trestle that they had drawn, cut, and assembled. 

Bill Tomchek - Student at MASW 2017 - Stereotomy is a label that's personally no more than nine (9) months old.  Even so, it's very satisfying to have recently concluded a 5-day course at the Marc Adam's School of Woodworking (MASW).  The art--the science--behind Stereotomy is taught by Patrick Moore, an impressively skilled artisan. Not only is Patrick Moore a master of Stereotomy, but, he's also burdened by large doses of patience and the ability to convey an understanding of this very challenging discipline.  Even though some might feel that youthfulness is wasted on the young, Mr. Moore's youthfulness is an impressive accomplishment, not a hindrance.

Stereotomy (re-)defined...
...the Gordian Knot of Woodworking
...the ability to produce intricate 3-D works from multiple paper-flat views of the objet d'art

Joe DesLaueiers  - Student at MASW 2017 - Patrick was a patient teacher helping eight students thru a week of Geometry and building a French trestle-treteaux using technology of old, Stereotomy  Art du Trait..Truly an amazing week. I'm looking forward to take another workshop with Patrick and the Art du Trait.

French Trestle built during the one week course at MASW. Trestle built by Craig  Flaming 2017

Bruce Cowie - Timber Framer - I took Patrick Moore’s 2 week class Art du Trait in the spring of 2017. My expectations were high as I met Patrick at a timber framers conference where he gave a lecture about the Art du Trait and the past and present roles of the French master carpenters. I have also had the privilege of meeting a few French and German master carpenters on some projects.

Each day we would learn something new and built on what we previously learned. Patrick had a way to twist the exercises each time so you really were forced to apply what you were learning. At the end you would finally say I understand. Patrick helped each student carefully and skillfully.

The models and final project had a mystical format of medieval timber framing. This is what intrigued me the most. Words like Saint Andrews Cross, sloping ridges and irregular roof pitches are just a simple picture of the course. And yet drawings can be made to precisely reviel all the angles and locations of any structure.

Patrick is a master carpenter of honor who enjoys teaching and helping students. The course was way beyond my expectations. I hope to some day build a structure that will incorporate some of the features.

Mike Santos - Student at MASW 2017 - It was my great pleasure to attend the one week course titled Stereotomy Art Du Trait taught by Patrick Moore at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking. I considered the course a great personal success because Patrick was able to clearly explain the complex spatial concepts related to this ancient art and science and more importantly convey to his students the technical woodworking skills necessary to transform complex two dimensional drawings into a three dimensional fine woodworking project. In our class the project was a French trestle that included woodworking joints that would challenge even the most experienced and skilled craftsman. Notwithstanding that on day one of the class I questioned whether the involved and intricate ideas related to stereotomy could result in a rewarding week, Patrick’s patience, his ability to articulate challenging concepts in a practical fashion and his years of experience becoming the only Compagnon Passant Charpentier on this continent, made the week not just a success but personally rewarding every day. I would recommend that any student of fine woodworking attend a stereotomy course taught by Patrick Moore. 

If you have taken one of Patrick's courses, enjoyed it, and if you feel this is something others can benefit from, why not send a testimonial. It will encourage others to learn about the Art of Trait.