Pictures of the event

Timber Framers Guild Conference

Aug. 6th - 10th, 2014

at the Southern New Hampshire University

in Manchester, NH, USA

Conference Presentation- 90 minutes

In this presentation, Patrick will explain what 'Le trait' is, what it is used for, it's influence on humanity, and how it applies to our business' and trades. With photos of all kinds of mesmerizing master pieces, this program will keep you attentive.

Pre-Conference Workshop - One day

People signed up for this one-day workshop will undergo a small model building session with Patrick Moore. In the morning he will go through the basic understandings of 'Trait', some drafting skills, and start a basic hip layout with purlins and jack rafters. In the afternoon, the drawing session will continue until everybody is completed. No scary trig, math, or calculators required only a very basic understanding of geometry is needed to start. If you can draw a circle with a compass, you can do this.

Example of model to be drawn