art du trait Workshop tool list

These are the ideal recommended tools for workshop courses

If you have any questions in regards to the tool list please contact -

Set of sharpened bench chisels

Fine Tooth saw (28 teeth per inch is recommended)

Eraser and eraser guide

A long metric ruler - 50-75cm clear plastic

Large drafting triangle - between 30 cm and

45 cm

Purchase both the ruler and triangle here

Drafting compass with extension


Large Workshop Compass

Fine haired brush to keep the drawing clean

Exacto knife or scalpel

Drafting pencil or 0.3mm mechanical pencil

- With 2H or 4H leads

Fine tip (0.3mm) colored markers

Rabbet block plane


Stanley #4 hand plane


Two or Three Sliding T-bevels

Machinist Squares

Proper Safety Equipment

- Safety foot wear

- Safety glasses

- Hearing protection

- Hard hat

Note pad for taking notes

Pair of clamps

- Minimum 250mm or 10" long

This is a tool list for our Stereotomy - Art du Trait workshops. If you are looking for the Online Tool List please click here.