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For the first time ever, Steretomy - Art du Trait courses are now available in the English language.

   As of 2009, 'Le Trait' has been inscribed on the List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. The concept of 'Art du Trait' allows the carpenter to use three-dimensional drawing to design complex wooden structures. Roof geometry, or 'Art du Trait', is empirical-type knowledge, directly connected to practical work site issues, but which has developed into a genuine intellectual discipline that cultivates the art of solving problems on one's own. It was developed by carpenters at the same time as stone-cutters were developing stereotomy, without the theoretical knowledge of either engineers or mathematicians. Knowledge of roof geometry, 'Art du Trait', developed starting in the 13th century. It was used during the construction of some of France's greatest monuments, and it was perfected over time. The surge of construction in the Middle Ages encouraged the growth and development of this type of knowledge. The first concrete signs of 'Trait' in French timber framing were observed during the Middle Ages. 'Trait', which was linked to the expansion of medieval monasteries, developed in close correlation to the building of Gothic Monuments. source

     These courses are a must for those who want to expand their 3D mental envisioning skill. They are indispensable for the carpenter, architect, CAD or Sketchup designer, and for those who are competing at the National or International Skills Competition. By taking a course you will expand your mental capabilities in order to think and see in 3D much clearer.

School of Practical Stereotomy - École Pratique de Stéréotomie offers three ways to learn

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