14'6" X 13' Open air pavilion with Side entrance

cover for outdoor fireplace

 hipped Gazebo with front overhang

12' X 12' gazebo

Large overhang garage with engineered working drawings

Contact Patrick if you have a project in need of designing.

Modern examples of his work are found below.

Some examples of Patrick's experience on classified hisotrical monuments........

    With the experience and knowledge he has acquired over the years, and his expertise in historical restoration projects, Patrick has the skills and abilities to offer high-level, professional architectural and design services to a wide-range of clients. Patrick invites interested persons and future clients to provide him with information on the project work needing his services. Together, they can discuss the design and work that will be performed following which Patrick will provide structurally engineered working drawings for any carpentry or timber frame.


    If the project is a Classified Monument clients are asked to provide Patrick with the time period they wish the project to reflect and he will ensure to meet the clients' needs with supportive and extensive research on the methods employed. There is a reason, as Patrick says, why the carpenter was historically the head of monumental projects and worked closely with the engineer and architect. In his view, the carpenter, engineer and architect must be included at the very early conception stage of any project in order for that project to be efficient, safe, accurate, and complete.