June 10 2017 - For the first time, Marc Adam's School of Woodworking, the premier woodworking school in North America, held a Stereotomy - Art du Trait course. It was a one week course were we built a classic French Trestle. 

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May 27 2017 - Finished a two week Stereotomy - Art du Trait course at the Heritage Institute located in Perth, Ontario.  We built scaled down models in the first week then a full size project in the second. We built a very complex BBQ shelter with diversed hips and valleys, St. Andrew Crosses within the roof plane, and many other complex designs.

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February 25 2017- Just finished building a French Trestle known as 'The Canadian'. It took over 450 hours to build. 120 of which were required for the stereotomical drawing. Many different species of hardwoods were used.  The Tréteau à Dévers dit 'Le Canadien'

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June 13th 2016 - Recently finished a two week Stereotomy - Art du Trait course at the Heritage Institute at Algonquin College Perth Campus. The students work very hard and did lots of overtime.  They built a very interesting pavilion for the schools library.

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March 16 2016 - We teamed up with Gibson Timber Frames to put on a one week Art du Trait course for the company Construct and Conserve located in Alliston, Ontario, Canada. They built a 12'x12' gazebo with overhangs using Douglas Fir.  They did such a great job!

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February 28th 2016 - We have a few upcoming Art du Trait courses. Be sure to sign up now before it's too late. Spaces are limited!        On another note, we have a couple updates on the store front; we are selling Historical Carpentry 15GB USB memory sticks. Free with every purchase is a lifelong collection of books, essays, articles, presentations, and a ton of multimedia. This is currently the best option for those who want to learn more about Art du Trait.  We've also added a drafting tool kit for people who are signed up for courses. This includes a large drafting triangle and a 50cm or 75cm clear plastic ruler.

December 28th 2015 - Finished a four week Art du Trait course at the Island School of Building Arts. The students built a very cool complex gazebo using nothing but a ruler, compass, and a triangle.

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October 27th 2015 - Just finished a two week Art du Trait course at the Heartwood School in Washington Massachusetts. The students were absolutely amazing and did such great work. If you want to see something inspirational........

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1st August 2015 - A blast from the past!  A picture compilation of job sites and tradesman from a bygone era. A quick tour into what was once a regular and normal life from the point of view of a craftsman.

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1st July 2015 - For this year`s Canada Day a page on the famous C:. Pierre Francois Guillon and his world famous school has been created in his honour.  Inspiration grows from his work and museum!

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21st May 2015 - A quick sojourn for our annual Congress and a course on the patrimony in Paris, France. As well as I had the great opportunity to visit the Hall of Master Pieces of the Federation Guild.  One of these master pieces is of the famous C:. Louis Mazerolle.

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26th April 2015 - Free 12 minute online course!!   Topic is the process of laying out and cutting a compound angle with a birdsmouth.

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24th March 2015 - Louis Mazerolle, a very famous Compagnon carpenter, created his world famous book "Traite Theorique et Pratique de Charpente" in  1866. His book continues to be sold around the world even to this day. His book is known as the 'Bible', for a reason, among young journeyman carpenters. He was the first to publish beautiful looking plates of Trait in color.

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4th Martch 2015 - Trait, the fundamental mental skill of envisioning in 3D, is what makes an individual who has mastered it a true master builder, an architekton in Greek, where the term Architect originates. This is the true ancient knowledge kept sacred by monks, knights, orders, and master builders throughout the ages. Art du Trait has a very rich, complex, and vast history. Spanning from the dawn of human existence it has seen the greatest empires rise and fall, many ancient languages and cultures. We wont indulge in all of the complexities but we will see a brief history of it. Continue reading ------->

16th February 2015 - We are finally very happy to announce that the Online Courses are now available. So for the first time ever, people can now learn this knowledge in the English language. We will be shipping all pre-orders in the next couple weeks. Another point to be shared, a webpage on the famous French Trestles has been created. It covers the traditions, customs, and in depth knowledge of what the Treteau really is and how it came to be.

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About the Compagnons and the Tour-de-France. It's history, legend, and duty.

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    The objective of this website is two-fold.  First, it seeks to increase the awareness of Architects, Engineers and Builders on the Compagnonnage system in France and the art-form known as 'Le Trait'.  Secondly, it highlights Patrick's experience and knowledge in terms of carpentry. He wields an extensive portfolio which allows him to apply, to the best of his abilities, historical and up-to-date craftsmanship to any job.

For those of you who are curious to know what life is like during one of the greatest moments on the Tour-de-France. Check out the video above. Fantastic work and very inspirational!!    The work was done by the Coterie Jover Compagnon Passant Charpentier du Devoir "Landais la Persévérance" in 2015. Be sure to watch it in HD!

A recent find on Youtube to be shared for all to see

Yvan, a young stone carver, at the Center of Study in Alexandria, Egypt must realize his master piece to prove his competence and become a Compagnon.